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Dr. John Funnell Bike Journey, post 6

Duaphin Island Alabama to Pensacola Florida

Took ferry east off Dauphin Island past natural gas platforms in tannic Mobile Bay And ride many miles on peninsula to Orange Coast which has deeper blue water and significant high rise condo development. Our local hostess at lunch advised us that since the new condos that were on Gulf beaches were generally could not get hurricane insurance so the solution is when a hurricane comes you open front and rear doors and let it roar through but new windows do have high wind ratting- time will tell. On the ferry a local retiree said when he moved to Daughin Island he was told that the possessions he can plan to keep long term is what will fit in his car on short notice to evacuate. Everything else may be destroyed at the next big hurricane. Lovely coastal bike paths. My bike is in front of a slow smoked Bbq place that we got great Bbq, seasoned collard greens, and savory baked beans that Patrick carried on his bike to our motel in Pensacola. Picked up Irish ale and red wine to enjoy with Bbq at outdoor lounge area by pool in short sleeve weather.